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 Bio-degradable Series
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Product details : Flushable Sanitary Towel Packing Flim

  Product: Flushable Sanitary Towel Packing Flim
  Model No.: KC-1073141 
  Materials: Water-Soluble Bag/PLA/PBAT
degradable/oxo-biodegradable/bio-based/PLA compostable plastics
biodegradable compostable plastic bag

Why can this sanitary napkin be flushed into the toilet? Because the towels include outer packaging and sanitary napkin bottom membranes, they all use the flushable rinsing materials, which are 100% water-soluble(flushable) and 100% biodegradable, no extra trash bin required.

Flushable Sanitary Towel Packing Flim

PVA (also known as PVOH) polymer allows traditional plastics such as PE to be replaced with a highly functional polymer that allows multiple end-of-life options and is designed for the circular economy. It can be used on its own or combined with other materials including biopolymers, to create a wide range of materials and packaging.

Its applications already in full-scale production by customers include garment and laundry bags, food waste bags, ESD/anti-static packaging plus PPE including aprons, gloves and infection control bags.

Compostable + Biodegradable + Flushable,
Air barrier for Nitrogen attacking,
Absorption of Formaldehyde,
High clearance & transaprency,
Can be with water-soluble elegant printing
Comply with EN13432 & ASTM D6400

  We recently refresh our plastic bags with 100% Eco-friendly BIO-DEGRADABLE and even COMPOSTABLE bags. These bags are inadvertently littered they will degrade into water and carbon dioxide within 6 to 24 months. We can provide full ranges of green bags from oxo-biodegradable to biobased compostable material, including D2W, EPI, PLA, PBAT-PLA, PVA etc. with certificates of OK Compost INDUSTRIAL (EN 13432) and OK Compost HOME (ASTM D6400 & ASTM D6868), they are alternatives in areas with plastic bag bans.   EN13432-BioDegradable Compostable Bag
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- Certified by ISO/BPI/EN13432/OK COMPOST/ASTM D6400/ASTM D6868/ABA AS4736/AS5810/D2W/EPI/TDP/BDP -